Our story

Greek Youth Generator (GYG) came about amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic as a way for Greek youth to connect. Despite the severe restrictions on movement and gathering, GYG refused to be deterred and instead took the bold step of turning towards the digital realm. In doing so, they set out to redefine the Greek youth online community, when there was little movement in the Greek youth space.

Thanks to their hard work, dedication, and strategic use of social media platforms, GYG enjoyed exponential growth in both its social media presence and collaborations with other Greek Australian Community Groups. This made GYG one of the most exciting and dynamic youth groups around.

As the pandemic-related restrictions began to ease in 2022, GYG wasted no time in transitioning from online activities to hosting in-person events. These events were designed to give Greek youngsters the rare opportunity to directly engage with and learn from professionals in their respective fields. By bringing people together in person, GYG created an environment that fostered connection, collaboration, and a sense of belonging. In this way, GYG has proven itself to be an invaluable and vital part of the Greek youth community, both online and off.

Our mission

Greek Youth Generator (GYG) is a not-for-profit, independent, youth organisation aiming to represent better and involve Greek Australian youth. We want to be an organisation that develops, explores and fosters leadership in the 18-29 age cohort.

Through working with our partners, we want to inspire creative projects and present our message of youth leadership to wider Australia, focusing on the following three characteristics.

  • Promoting Hellenic values, ideals and pride.
  • Supporting youth engagement and awareness of Melbourne’s Greek Community.
  • Expanding networks within the Greek Australian community and between global Greek communities to develop their own skills.